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LIV General Charge

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Superannuation Forms

Our superannuation forms have achieved rapid growth and use throughout accounting firms. The SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Fund) industry is one of the biggest growth areas for commercial work in Australia in the last 10 years.

Buy our superannuation forms with user notes, guides and Forms.

Establish your own client's Super Trust and use our compliant super deed for up to six (6) months with unlimited use.


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Contract Sale of Real Estate (Victoria) - UPDATE -
The LIV Contract of Real Estate has been updated on page 4 with new wording for Special Condition 1B (paras 1B.3 and 1B.5(a)) in regards to Foreign resident capital gains withholding.  

Law Institute of Victoria forms - MCP UPDATE~

The LIV is currently reviewing:

  • Memorandum of Common Provisions (MCP) AA2712 in light of the introduction of the National Mortgage Form;
  • the explanatory notes for completing a mortgage using MCP AA2712, as it currently refers to use of Land Use 
    Victoria’s old mortgage form.

Pending finalisation of this review, practitioners will need to ensure the suitability of MCP AA2712 for a particular
transaction and with mortgages other than Land Use Victoria’s old mortgage form. Practitioners will also need to
consider Land Use Victoria’s requirements for lodgement of mortgages (electronic vs paper) and the transitional
provisions regarding introduction of the National Mortgage Form.

Law Institute of Victoria forms

The LIV Commercial Lease, Contract for Sale of Real Estate, Vendor's Statement and Additional
Vendor's Statement (September 2014 versions) are now available for purchase online.

General Charge - LIV

The General Charge that complies with the Personal Properties Security Act (PPSA) is now available.

Law Institute of Victoria (LIV)

The LIV Commercial Lease sets the benchmark for plain english and commercial leasing in Victoria. You can also
purchase the Lease Disclosure Statement with a lease package.

Company Incorporations

We have the most effective company incorporation system in Australia.
We will deliver (electronic only) within 36 hours of receipt of payment.
We will deliver your ACN and Certificate of Incorporation within 12 hours of payment.

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